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Sea lions rescued off Cabo

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The entanglement of sea lions in fishing nets has been a problem for quite some time around Isla Espiritu de Santo.  So much so, that is has led to several conservation, training and clean-up programs to try and protect them.


Over the last few days three sea lions have been successfully disentangled from fishing nets that otherwise would have eventually resulted in their death.


Experienced vets performed the required surgery after the sea lions had been sedated. And on completion of the surgery they were released back into their natural habitat. Special high tech transmitters have allowed tracking of the animals. Thankfully, all three are reported as being fully recovered and in perfect health.


This bring brings the total number of successfully disentangled sea lions up to 7 since the project began in November 2015. The conservation project includes two protected areas – Espiritu Santo Archipelago National Park and the Wildlife Sloop.


An additional benefit that was derived from the saving of these 3 animals was the training opportunity it provided to other staff involved in similar operations in other parts of Baja California Sur.


Several local organizations were involved including - PROFEPA, CONANP, SEMAR, tourist service providers and the Marine Mammal Center California

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