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Whale watching cruises in Cabo

Date Published:

It’s started again. You know, that thing that makes Cabo, and Baja California Sur so famous - whale watching. The official season has just begun.


The giant cetaceans are making their way back to the Baja - to feed, to frolic and to flourish in the warm waters that are so perfect for breeding. And that make it the number one spot in the world in gray whales.


So, if you are in Cabo over the holiday, the sight of these giant, gentle animals at play is not to be missed.


Loads of tour companies will take you to see the whales. But make sure you go with a reputable provider, that has a permit. One of our favorites is Pisces.

Famous for their sport fishing and luxury yachts, Pisces also do fantastic whale tours. All their tours are private so you can take your friends or family, choose your boat or luxury yacht, and cruise around in style watching the whales. 

Tours typically take a couple of hours but Pisces are super-flexible and will be sure to accommodate all requests, and all budgets. 


It’s a must - a whale-watching cruise around Cabo's famous Arch and Land’s End, where the Pacific Ocean meets the Sea of Cortez. A breathtaking spectacle of nature. And Pisces will make it a trip to remember.


We promise. You won’t be disappointed. Why not book right now?

Pisces yacht Shambala,

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Dead whales on beach near Cabo

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Stranding of 7 whales on as Los Canelones beach in Mulelge...

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Baby northern elephant seal and turtle both saved in Cabo

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Dead baby albino not Costalito de Sal

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Baby albino still in waters of BCS

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