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First turtle nests on Loreto Beach

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Right on cue and only days after the season begun Loreto National Park have confirmed the presence of 3 turtle nests on the beaches of Loreto.

The nests have been marked and are under the surveillance of a team specifically tasked with the care and protection of sea turtles. They will be closely monitored, especially around the expected hatching time. Every effort will be made to keep them safe from predators and to ensure the tiny turtles safely reach the sea to begin their life long migrations. 

And of course, Baja California Sur is not the only place where turtles are turning up.

Yesterday PROFEPA successfully rescued and relocated a clutch of 117 Olive Ridley sea turtle eggs on a small beach in Manzanillo Bay in the state of Colima.

The eggs were deposited at the turtle camp at the University of Colima, in the municipality of Manzanillo to protect them from predators. Once hatched they will be released back to the sea.

And talking of Olive Ridley Turtles… over 30 000 Olive Ridley turtles have just arrived last week at the Sanctuary on Escobilla Beach in Oaxaca. Yes, 30 000 turtles – that’s right. It’s not a typo.

This mass landing, known as the “arribada” is a phenomenon of great biological importance for the reproduction and survival of Olive Ridley turtle. And it is a spectacular event to witness.

This 15km strip of protected beach is the single most important location in the world for this species. Each year, there are about 1million nests, from which around 15 million tiny turtles are born. Yes, 15 million…

CONANP - Mexico’s National Commission of Natural Protected Areas do a fantastic job of co-ordinating the monitoring, surveillance and protection of the turtle nests. Visit their site to read more about it. 

And with all this talk of turtles Cabo’s Head of Ecology and Environment, Luis Emilio de Loza, has decided that it is high time for Cabo to have a Sea Turtle Museum.

Turtles are a just one of the many natural maritime attractions that attract over 2 million visitors a year to Cabo. And given the success of the Whale Museum in La Paz, a public spot for the story of Sea Turtles would be ideal for the area.

De Loza believes the perfect location for such a project would be as a part of Cabo’s Natural History Museum – which is currently under renovations, so the timing is perfect.

He is hopeful that a Sea Turtle Museum will become a reality later this year..

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