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Least Tern reappears in Cabo after 15 years

Date Published:

Tagged least tern returns after 15 years for nesting season…

The tiny least tern was originally tagged at birth 15 years ago, as part of a conservation project ran by CIBNOR, at the Don Manuel Orantes Turtle Camp.

The turtle camp was set up to protect the nests of sea turtles that come ashore at night to lay their eggs in the sand. But least terns also lay their eggs in the sand. And the eggs often get crushed as people step on them. So it made perfect sense for the conservation camp to protect both species of nests – turtles and terns.

And much to the delight of everyone, the little bird has returned home to nest after 15 years. The tag identified the bird as being born in the areas protected by Hotel Paradissus, and it even had the name of the scientist who tagged it  -  Edgar Amador.

“Just  imagining that that chick was protected 15 years ago by the Campo Tortuguero Manuel Orantes fills us with emotion, and a desire to continue working together.”

The Campo de Tortugero Don Manuel Orantes began protecting least terns, or "gallito marinos" as they are called locally – way back in 2000.

Over the years, the project has really grown. Lots of resorts have got involved, and lots of local organisations and volunteers. Due to their combined efforts, 9 nesting colonies with a total of 187 nests have been protected this year. And so far, 192 chicks have been born!

The Director of Natural Resources and Wildlife, Graciela Tiburcio Pintos thanked all those involved. Another great achievement in conservation of the natural resources of Los Cabos. 


Marina Costa Palmas, Hotel Paradisus, Hilton Hotel, Hotel Pueblo Bonito, Diamante, Villas del Mar, SyCOMA Organization, and the Technological Institute of Higher Studies of Los Cabos.

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