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Fabulous Medano Beach - One Reason Visitors Come Back to Cabo Again and Again

Date: 2/21/2013

Although the legendary and timeless, Land's End Arch is what symbolizes Cabo San Lucas. It is Medano Beach, which brings people back, year after year. While Los Cabos has a tremendous amount of unique and wonderful beaches along the corridor, in San Jose del Cabo and as far away as Cabo Pulmo, Todos Santos or La Paz, it is Medano Beach that is the most frequented and Southern Baja California's regions, undoubted treasure. ''This is why we come back every year, '' said Steve Berry, a retired American from the Northern California bay area, who waved his hand towards Medano Beach from...

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The 2nd Annual Caboholic Convention

Date: 2/7/2013

The 2nd Annual Caboholic Convention begins Saturday February 9, 2013 and will rage on, full steam ahead, until Saturday, February 16. Capping off 7 days and nights of sheer entertainment and fun, starting with their meet and greet party at Sharky's Restaurant, February 9. The week-long event is a non-profit cavalcade of activities to benefit the Los Cabos Humane Society, El Ranchito Temporary Home for Dogs, as well as the Los Cabos Volunteer Fire Department. At the opening night Sharky's mixer, guests and members will receive their packet filled with an itinerary of events, an official ''I am a Caboholic'' button, and...

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The Many Ways To Get Romantic In Cabo For Valentines Day

Date: 1/21/2013

When it comes to romance, Los Cabos has always been a favorite place for lovers visiting from anywhere on the planet. Many couples actually travel to Cabo just for that: to celebrate their love for each other, even when it’s not Valentines month. For romantic, intoxicating views and alluring appeal, the natural sunset scenery in and around San Lucas Bay is to die for. Of course, that being said, depending on taste, there are romantic restaurants around the Marina and at the many dining spots sprinkled along the four lane highway which feature spectacular romantic sights; it’s what makes Cabo so...

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Top Activities in Cabo Done By Tourists and Locals

Date: 12/20/2012

One of the top 5 activities in Cabo that most tourists definitely take advantage of while they're in wonderful Cabo San Lucas is the Cabo Escape sunset dinner booze cruise. This tour is the one offered up the most by timeshare working OPC's (the timeshare people snagging workers found at the airport and at the various street locations throughout downtown San Lucas, as well as outside and inside Walmart and the Mega shopping store in San Jose del Cabo). It is a water related tour that is attractive to guests of this fair city because of its entertaining route around San...

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Is Cabo Safe for Swimming? Safety Tips for Cabo

Date: 12/18/2012

Is Cabo safe for swimming? Safety in Cabo as well as any other beach is important. While most of the beaches are calm, some might have rip currents, which are hard to detect and can be problematic for inexperienced people. So, how to swim away from rip currents if you’re ever...

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Dia de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead)

Date: 10/30/2012

Dia de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) is Mexico's national holiday which personifies the celebration of family and friends to remember loved ones who have passed away and commemorate their lives in prayer and party and is most commonly recognized by the painted skulls which symbolize its importance to the history and traditions of Mexican culture. The Halloween-type celebrations take place every November in connection with the Catholic holidays of All Saints' Day and All Souls' Day (November 1 and 2). Origins of the holiday date back... Log in to read the full...

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Tired of Traveling by Air and Land? Try a Cruise Ship

Date: 9/26/2012

A great deal of people who return to Cabo often talk about their first time visiting this tropical warm city as part of a Mexican Riviera cruise ship, which for many Californians celebrating parties, is a very cool vacation along the Pacific Ocean with stops not only here in Los Cabos but also Mazatlan and Puerto...

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The East Cape of Los Cabos

Date: 9/14/2012

When people disembark from their arriving flights at San Jose del Cabo International airport, carrying protective fishing pole tubes and a few ice chests, they are not on their way to Cabo San Lucas or any of the fine resorts and hotels along the 26 mile corridor, but rather, they are headed in the opposite direction to what is best known and aptly called, the East...

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Weather in Cabo San Lucas can sometimes surprise you!

Date: 8/17/2012

In just two long days and seemingly endless nights of continuous rain in Cabo San Lucas, the average rainfall for this month of August has more than doubled by these unexpected, but very welcome showers. Not only has the recent rainy weather doubled the area's average rainfall for the month but the ongoing wet climate is close to doubling the rainfall here for the entire past year when it only rained once in...

News Article

Marinas Los Cabos

Date: 11/23/2011

The open ocean. A warm wind whipping through your hair. Dolphins leaping alongside the prow as you slice through the wild waters. You breathe in the fresh sea air. The sun dips below the horizon, turning the sea a ferocious orange color, and pink clouds wheel above. Your destination? Miles away. Last time you were on land? Who cares! You’re on the sea now, and everything else seems to diminish in...

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