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Is Cabo Safe for Swimming? Safety Tips for Cabo

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Is Cabo safe for swimming? Safety in Cabo as well as any other beach is important. While most of the beaches are calm, some might have rip currents, which are hard to detect and can be problematic for inexperienced people. So, how to swim away from rip currents if you’re ever in this unfortunate situation? First of all, NEVER swim against the current, this causes fatigue and panic, and even if you’re an excellent swimmer it’s almost impossible to beat a rip current. So what you must do is keep calm and swim parallel to the beach. Rip currents are like rivers that can drag you to the open sea, be sure to ask locals if there are any rip currents on a particular beach you’re interested and watch this video to understand more about rip currents and how to handle them.( or find more information here So, where is it safe to swim in Cabo? Cabo San Lucas has many attractions that visitors flock to during their standard week long vacations and one of the more popular and cost free activities is swimming in the clear, warm waters of Medano Beach at San Lucas Bay. This is where the cruise ships berth, paragliders operate and jet ski's roar past. However the buoy lines of tethered rope maintain a safe area for solely for swimmers; keeping all motorized water taxi's, glass bottom boats and jet ski's away from swimming tourists and locals. Be sure to stay within these protected areas because traffic can be dangerous here.

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