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Cabo Open For Business

Date: 10/1/2014

Only two weeks after the devastation of Odile, many of Cabo's landmark businesses

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Cabo Hotels Open For Business Again After Odile

Date: 9/29/2014

Cabo hotels are opening for business along with bars, restaurants and attractions. Sign in to see what is open and when.

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How calm is Cabo after the storm

Date: 9/6/2017

Cabo – downtown versus uptown. Two different pictures …

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Cabo on orange alert as Tropical Storm Lidia strengthens

Date: 8/31/2017

Conditions deteriorate in Cabo - howling wind and lashing rain. Storm Lidia may well strengthen before hitting land tomorrow...

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Center of storm hovering over Cabo

Date: 8/31/2017

Strong winds and heavy rain continue, power down, refuges filling up, and airports close....

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Red Alert as center of storm only 25 miles from Cabo

Date: 8/31/2017

Red alert as storm Lidia strengthens, with center due to pass over Cabo in next few hours...

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Downpour in Cabo

Date: 8/21/2017

Weekend deluge in Cabo turned streets into rivers, and disrupted traffic...

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Tropical Storm Jova bringing showers and high waves for Cabo tonight.

Date: 8/11/2017

Ghost of Franklin revived enough over the Pacific to earn a new name as Tropical Storm Jova - and will bring rains and some high waves to Cabo

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Cabo One Month From Odile

Date Published:
Hurricane Odile as it passed over Cabo

It is one month to the day that Hurricane Odile smashed through Cabo San Lucas and the recovery continues apace. Most of the restaurants, bars and attractions are open; the fishing charter companies are all up and running and ready to go fishing; tournament season is on us and all the events are on; everyone is ready for the season.

It has been an incredible effort by everyone in Los Cabos and a testament to what can be achieved when folks pull together.

Now of course, the cost of the biggest storm to make landfall in the Baja is beginning to be counted. So far, Hurricane Odile has been estimated to have caused half a billion US dollars worth of damage to property and infrastructure in the region , according to Baja California Sur Gov. Marcos Covarrubias.

“The amount is less than had been anticipated, and it is hoped that more than 95% of it will be covered by insurance” said a spokesman.

The good news is that the impact of the hurricane “will not have a significant effect on the national economy and the year’s growth estimate”, said Finance Secretary Luis Videgaray.

The main tourist areas have rapidly returned to normal, surprising many with just how much has been achieved in so little time. As of last week it was anticipated that cancelations for December due to the hurricane would amount to no more than 5%. When Odile hit, occupancy levels were estimated to be at 46% so this is a testament to the capacity that has been restored during the recovery.

However the damage to the poorer areas of Los Cabos will take some time to repair and redress.

Los Cabos schools are still in the process of reopening and the state’s Public Education Secretary said late last week that 45% of the municipality’s schools sustained minor damages, while four were demolished. Temporary classrooms are being brought in to serve the students of those schools.

Agrarian Development and Urban Planning Secretary Jorge Carlos Ramírez Marín said the possibility of buying housing through the housing agency Infonavit is being analyzed as a means to replace that which was totally lost during the storm. At least 8,000 homes were initially reported damaged, but no official figures have been given since. A census is still under way to determine the extent of the damage, most of which occurred in the municipality’s poorer neighborhoods.

Many locals are arranging to have relief supplies brought in and urging visitors to bring essentials in any spare luggage capacity.

Sandra Scandiber of the hotel Los Milagros managed to organize a load of essential medical supplies with help from the Walsh family in the USA and the team at United Airlines.


“The supplies were donated by the John Muir Hospital for the Los Cabos Children's Foundation. My friend Kay Peters is a nurse there, she made the donation possible and we needed some help to get them through Customs and freighted down” she said “The Walsh family used their contacts at United Airlines who stepped up and made everything happen. I arrived, they knew to expect me, they made me a priority. I felt like a Fairy Princess! Thank you and all of the team at United SFO… it was quite a day and many people will benefit from your kind gestures.”


So when you are coming down to enjoy Los Cabos, please consider bringing something extra such as baby clothes, formula, basic medicines etc.

You will make an already guaranteed warm welcome even warmer!




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