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Cabo has a lively street trade. Peddlers are persistent not pushy. And often lots of fun. 

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Legal permits for beach peddlers in Cabo

Date: 5/23/2017

Almost 700 legal permits to be distributed to beach peddlers in Cabo...

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Great tips on how to be street smart in Cabo.  

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Child vendors in Cabo

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To buy or not to buy – the eternal problem of child vendors in Cabo...

Beach vendors. Lots of them around right now. Regular fixtures on Medano beach, peddling their local wares to eager tourists. And who can blame them. It’s prime vacation time. And one of their few chances to make money.

But if you’re in Cabo now, or have been recently, no doubt you will also have seem the child vendors in. Worryingly they too seem to be regular fixtures in Cabo.

A quick walk on Medano, or round the Marina and guaranteed that beguiling little brown-eyed kids will try to sell you stuff. Fruit, flowers, chewing gum or trinkets. They are pretty persuasive. “Come on lady, please buy – one chewing gum” pleads a beautiful little girl who looks no more than 5….

Seems like an old problem that is just not going away. Despite two women being jailed in Dec 2016 for exploiting 8 minors in exactly this way - nobody seems afraid of getting caught.The kids are in full view. Pushed out on the streets by ruthless adult vendors who collect all the cash. The authorities see it every day. Yet nothing happens.

Ricardo Araoz Gamino, President of the Asociacion Colonas de el Medano, says they have been fighting this problem for 20 years. But it’s getting worse. And he urges the authorities to take a firm hand.

This is a persistent, long term problem. And will take a long, long time to solve. So, do your bit if you are in town. DON’T buy from these kids. You are NOT helping them.

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