What Happens in an Emergency?

An accident can happen anywhere. We often assume, that because we have full health insurance coverage at home, that we will be protected when we travel. Nine times out of ten this is not the case in Mexico. 


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Round the clock support for tourists in Cabo

Date: 5/11/2017

Tourists will be able to access help and support 24/7, 365 days a year in new CAPTA offices. And extra security to be continued in Cabo for now ...

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Cabo hospitals face potentially huge fines over inflated care costs to tourists

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PROFECO dramatically increase Los Cabos hospital fines to $3.5 million to stop exorbitant charges to tourists...

Anyone living in, or regularly visiting, Cabo will know that exorbitant hospital costs are not a new thing. The problem has steadily increased in recent years with both domestic and foreign tourists complaining bitterly. And regularly.

Things came to a head in December 2016 when the US consulate officially blacklisted some of Cabo’s hospitals. And issued an alert via their website. Deeply embarrassing for Cabo given that 99% of visitors are American tourists.

Yet the problem has continued.  And to date, sanctions and fines have been minimal. But  all that is about to change. Recent investigations into several hospitals have led PROFECO (Federal Prosecutor’s Office) to dramatically increase the fines from a paltry $1000 pesos, to as much as $3.5 million pesos.

It is hoped that such a  massive hike in fines will stop hospitals repeatedly taking advantage of visitors seeking medical assistance. And prevent further tarnishing of Cabo’s reputation. It  has not yet been made clear how quickly this will take effect.

In the meantime, if you face this problem while you are in Cabo, do not hesitate to CAPTA (which provides 24/7 help and advice for tourists in Cabo).

Check out the itravel-cabo page on Emergency Medical Care. It outlines everything you need to know about getting medical help in Cabo. And it las lots of useful information on health insurance, and tips from the US Consulate.

Warning for Visitors to Cabo

Several hospitals in the Los Cabos area have been heavily criticised in recent years for the excessive medial charges visitors have been forced to pay.

In response, the US Consulate in Mexico removed these hospitals from their recommended lists in April 2016. So, it is definitely worth checking these details before you trip.

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