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Blue whales double in Loreto

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Everybody knows that loads of whales migrate to Cabo, and BCS, every year for mating.


And probably everybody knows that there are lots of gray whales. And lots of humpbacks.


But what most people don’t know, is that 7 different species of whale head to Loreto every year. Including the world’s biggest whale – the blue whale. Or the Balaenoptera musculus, as it is officially called.


Blue whales are immense. In fact, they are the largest species ever to have lived on the planet. And can be as much as 33m long, and weigh up to 200 tons. And just to give you some idea of scale - their tongues alone can weigh as much as an elephant. Their hearts, as much as an automobile. Immense.


The World Wildlife Fund describes them as a “vulnerable, underwater heavyweight” - because these gentle giants are an endangered species. 

So, it was fantastic to learn yesterday that CONANP have reported double the number of sightings this year in Loreto, compared to last year. With still a month to go, twenty blue whales have been recorded. Whereas only 10 were recorded last year, for the whole season. CONANP states this represents a significant increase.


To keep these incredible creatures safe, and to promote sustainable natural tourism, CONANP urges all tourist providers to keep a safe distance from the whales. Clear guidelines on passive observation are given in their new manual.

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