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Whale shark warning in La Paz.

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Local operator, Shark Choyero, has issued a warning to watch out for “pirate boats” offering illegal tours with whale sharks over the busy Easter period.

Despite being a regulated activity, where safety and conservation rules apply, many boats operate without the necessary permits and flags. Vessels go too fast, sail too close to the whale sharks, and drop swimmers with the engine running.

Nezahualpilli Tovar Lee, representative of Shark Choyero, says failure to comply with these operating rules in the past has ” led to an increase in the number of whale sharks hit by boats at the end of the holiday period. "

"Given that we cannot stop vessels without flags and permits, we need to publicize these rules, since many private boaters do not know them.”

He urges tourists to be vigilant and make sure they book tours with a reputable operator and enjoy their close up encounter with these gentle giants.

And just in case you didn’t know…. whale sharks are the largest fish in the world.

Over 12m long, they look imposing. But swimming and snorkelling with these whale sized fish is completely safe. They are filter feeders and just glide through the water looking for plankton.

Don’t miss the experience of swimming alongside these gentle docile creatures.

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