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Strong winds and heavy rain continue, power down, refuges filling up, and airports close....

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The Sting In The Tail Of Air Travel

Date Published:

A stowaway scorpion reportedly stung a woman on an Alaska Airlines flight prior to take-off from  Los Angeles headed to Portland (Oregon).

The plane was ready to take off for Portland late on Saturday and had to return to the gate when one of the passengers, a woman, told the crew that a scorpion had stung her in the arm.

A spokesman for Alaska Airlines, Cole Cosgrove, told CNN that the woman was treated immediately by medical staff and declined further treatment.

"Nobody was nervous, even the women who was stung. Flight attendants did a great job, as did the Captain, "said passenger Mike Parker to CNN.

According to The Oregonian newspaper, the originating flight was from Los Cabos and, it was suggested, that's where the scorpion jumped in the luggage of a passenger.

Alaska Airlines officials said on ESPN that a flight attendant killed the scorpion and the plane took off to Portland soon after.

Most scorpion stings are not considered life threatening to humans -- the exception is the sting of the bark scorpion, the most venomous in the United States. Most of the scorpions in the U.S. are found in the southwest, preferring the warm, dry climates found in Arizona, California and New Mexico. Given their distribution it is equally possible that the offending scorpion, of whichever species, was brought aboard in hand luggage in L.A. itself. Perhaps a case of “blame Mexico”…

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