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Sport fishing suffers in Cabo

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Enrique Fernandez del Castillo, president of the Foundation for the Conservation of Picudos, BC, challenges claims by the authorities that the reduction in numbers of certain marine species in the waters of BCS are due simply to climate change.

Although there is no hard and fast scientific evidence for this claim, he concedes that it may account for a very small part of this reduction in numbers. However, his counter claim is that the overwhelming reason is due to illegal over fishing of species such as marlin and mahi-mahi. This is seriously affecting sports fishing in Los Cabos.

Castillo, who owns several sport fishing boats, points out that sport fishing is a tightly regulated industry. And whilst they are allowed to catch a certain amount of fish, tourist service providers have self-regulated this to half the permitted number to minimise effects on stocks.

 “Our activity has little effect on the ecosystem, what is much more serious are the longliner fishing boats which cast miles of hooked lines to sea. A catch from just one longliner is equivalent to the catch for the entire 650 fleet of sport fishing boats in Cabo, " he said.

Castillo says inspection and surveillance is very weak, and the authorities are far too complacent. "We hope that this administration will sort things out, and will severely sanction those who sell marlin. It is a serious crime and the corruption needs to be stopped”.

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