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Night of incident  - Look how calm the water is. 

Pat's grandson on the beach 

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Rogue wave grabs 77-year-old woman on Cabo beach

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Treacherous rouge wave on Pedregal Beach in Cabo, almost drags 77-year -old woman to sea….

But what do you do when there are no waves, a calm sea, and suddenly a rogue wave sweeps 30 feet up the beach, knocks you off your feet when you have your back to the ocean, and almost drags you back out to sea. That’s exactly what happened to a 77-year-old resident of Cabo just last week...

Having lived here for almost 20 years, Pat is well-aware of the dangers of Cabo currents. But on a beautiful summer evening,  with a calm sea, showing her visiting grandson the rock formations on Pedregal beach, she wasn’t quite expecting a near death experience.

“We were at least 30 feet from the water mark, way up the beach, showing my grandson the big rock formations , and whoosh – suddenly I was knocked to my feet by a wave, and being dragged down the beach. Then something heavy just landed on me, and I didn’t know what the heck was going on. It was terrifying.

Fortunately, the “something heavy” was Pat’s quick-thinking husband, Dennis. He realised that if he didn’t act quickly, and weigh her down, there was a real danger she would be dragged out to sea.

“ I knew I could save her, and I didn’t think anything drastic was going to happen. So I wasn’t afraid. There were enough people  on the beach to help, and I am a strong swimmer. But Pat isn’t. If she had been alone, that would have been it. That is the really scary part – thinking what might have happened  People need to be really, really careful on these beaches. There should be signs everywhere”

This time Pat and Dennis only lost their shoes. Soaked their cell phones. And got a huge fright. But it could have been much worse.

It's halfway through hurricane season. PLEASE. Take extra special care if you are on the beach.

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