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New whale shark season begins in Cabo

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The new whale shark watching season in Baja California Sur kicked off on the first of July.


Often called the “the gentle giants of the sea”, whale sharks have been swimming the Sea of Cortes for thousands of years. As the world’s largest fish they can reach lengths of up to 12 metres. But despite their immense size, they have docile natures. Fortunately for humans, they prefer to open their colossal jaws and “filter feed” only on plankton which they scoop up while swimming near the surface.

There are few experiences in the world that match swimming alongside the largest fish in the sea – and Cabo and La Paz are the perfect locations to enjoy this.


But to protect and respect these huge creature, SEMARNAT (Department of Environment and Natural Resources) urges everyone to be responsible - tourists and service providers.


All official service providers have recently attended training, have an official SEMARNAT permit, and should have an official flag conspicuously displayed on their boats.


So, if you are in town for a whale shark experience, make sure you only go with a certified provider, follow all their instructions and advice. And please note, all the following are forbidden - feeding, littering, getting too close, obstructing, using flash photography or any audio equipment that could distract the animas in any way.


And remember, these amazing enormous creatures were in Cabo long before we were!

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