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Cabo’s chronic housing shortage highlighted after Tropical Storm Lidia washes away over 7000 homes…

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Red alert as storm Lidia strengthens, with center due to pass over Cabo in next few hours...

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Strong winds and heavy rain continue, power down, refuges filling up, and airports close....

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New Craze Sweeps Medano Beach

Date Published:

Famous for its views of the Arch and its many restaurants and bars with crazy entertainment, Medano beach has long been a favorite  for tourists and locals alike in Cabo San Lucas. Now a new craze is sweeping the beach.

With over 400 licensed pedlars working the small strip plus however many unlicensed operators, the traffic is near constant and can get a little intense at times.

The simple answer is turn that frustration and irritation into a fun game for all the family: Pedlar Bingo!

The rules are simple: each participant picks a type of product (a.k.a. junk) that is being sold by a pedlar – T-shirts, ceramics, hats, jewelry, tattoos, braids etc. For every pedlar that approaches your group with one of your products you get a point.

After an hour, the one with the fewest points buys the drinks…and so it starts again!

“We got hammered in 3 hours because it was two for one at Baja Cantina,” said K from Boston (full name withheld for legal reasons) “and the trick to winning is to make eye-contact at all times. I was scanning the beach looking for the jewelry guys and pretty soon a line formed. Cheapest day out I have ever had.”

“The problems start when you forget which one you picked, or if they have more than one thing for sale” added S from New York. “I mean it can get really nasty and I had to break up a few fights using a float-noodle.”

“Don’t pick t-shirts – that’s all am gonna say. It will be an expensive afternoon.” concluded C from Glasgow.



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