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Cabo ready for Hurricane Newton

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Temporary shelter in Cabo

Authorities in Cabo have been working together to prepare for any onslaught that hurricane Newton may bring.


The schools are closed. All maritime activities were suspended yesterday at 5pm. Red flags are on all the beaches. Tourists have been advised to stay in their hotels. Locals are encouraged to stay at home. Driving is strongly discouraged unless absolutely necessary. Flights have been cancelled.


There are 56 hurricane shelters ready across BCS: 18 in Los Cabos, 15 in La Paz, 10 in Loreto, 3 in Mulege and 10 more in Comondú. More will be set up if necessary.


Carlos Mendoza Davis, State Governor, last night assured people of ample food in major supplies throughout the state. And he urged everyone to stay at home on Tuesday morning until advised otherwise. He also urged extreme caution the roads as there may well be flooding, landslides and streams. 

The impact is expected in the early hours between 4 and 6am and it is forecasted to take 4 to 5 hours to pass through.

Luis Felipe Puente, Civil Protection Coordinator for the federal government, who arrived recently to BCS, echoed Mendoza Davis and urged everyone to - “Remain indoors, be safe and be prepared.”


Puente confirmed that 110 members of the Federal Police have arrived in Los Cabos to help with any necessary evacuation efforts and to guarantee the safety of the people in BCS.  


We will be posting updates throughout the day.

Photos: BCS noticias

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