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Cabo drunk driving program starts today

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We reported the other day on Cabo’s crackdown on drunk driving. Well the new program begins today - Friday 21 October.


Anybody stopped and tested with more than the legal limit - 0.4 mg alcohol/litre of air expired -  will be fined on the spot and may even be locked up for 36 hours.


This new regime is an attempt by Cabo’s authorities to reduce the number of alcohol related accidents by 50%. 


The Head of the Municipal Transit warns police will be checking a number of things, not just alcohol levels - “We will also check the driver’s documentation, that the vehicle is not missing any lights, and we will be encouraging the use of safety belts. And remember that using the phone while driving could incur fines of over 400 pesos.”


And the Directorate General of Public Security, is keen to crackdown on all other dangerous behaviour like driving too fast, or failing to wear helmets on bicycle and motorbikes.


Best not drink and drive. 

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