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Cabo against Green Party proposal to ban sport fishing in Mexico

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Tensions are mounting in Cabo as resounding rejection from all round is expressed to the proposed bill by the Green Ecology Party to ban sport fishing in Mexico. The bill was presented in February by the federal deputy of the Party, Arturo Alvarez Angli. And it is causing alarm in the sport fishing industry nationwide.


Arturo de la Rosa Escalante, Mayor of Los Cabos, along with BCS federal deputies Paes Jisela Martinez, and Herminio Corral, have all expressed deep concern and opposition -  “to prohibit sport fishing in this country is an absurdity and shows an absolute lack knowledge of the benefits generated by this activity, which have driven economic and social development of a large number of regions, especially in Baja California Sur, as is the case of La Paz, Loreto and Los Cabos” says Paes Jisela Martinez."

Union leaders have also been loud in their protests and are calling for “full consultation forums to hear the views of businesses and citizens to avoid this unilateral decision by federal deputies and senators, and to prevent deleting a very important segment of tourism”.

Secretary General of the State Gastronomy Union, Alberto Rentería Santana, goes even further and calls the ban incongruous. Pointing out that sport fishing is actually one of the most sustainable fishing activities due to the widely adopted practice of catch and release. And the fact that most sport fishermen in BCS release much more than the legally specified total. 

Furious at the devastating impact large foreign vessels are having on endangered species he openly invites federal deputies to come to the beaches of Puerto San Carlos, meet with local fishermen and see for themselves - " locals have even considered using firearms to run these large predatory vessels, because the authority does nothing”.

The feeling in Cabo is clear - unanimous support to maintain sport fishing across BCS and nationwide. The economic and social benefits are recognized by all. And whilst it would be quite illogical to prohibit an activity of such economic importance, federal deputy Paes Martinez urges the state to “promote actions and regulations to strengthen sport fishing, so it can continue to generate sustainable benefits to all sectors involved in the activity. "

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