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Balandra: A Paradise You Can't Miss on Your Trip to La Paz

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One of the nicest, little known destinations of La Paz, is Balandra Beach. A place considered a gem by those who have taken the time to travel there and indulge in its serene, Southern Baja California, magical location. Interested tourists can Google images of Balandra Beach and be captivated almost immediately by what they will find and see. There are photographs available of people meandering across the cove of La Paz Bay, as if they were the Messiah, walking on water. An illusion caused by the shallow depth of the water which only reaches people just below the knee. Visitors can pretty much stroll all the way across the small bay; about 300 yards in length and never have the water reach higher than their knees. However, some brown stingrays might be laying on the sand, thought these creatures aren’t looking to get you, stepping on them is possible and their natural defense would be to fight back, so it’s advised to drag your feet when walking so they can know you’re coming their way and they’ll just swim away. From downtown La Paz, where the Malecon (Pappas & Beer, Applebee's) is located, it is a short 20 minute drive to Balandra Beach cove. It is basically an isolated, unpopulated coastal oasis, facing the Gulf of Mexico. There are no waves to speak of and it is best known as a wonderful area one can take their entire family. Once in the water, children are essentially swimming in a picturesque, natural pool with aqua clear visibility that reaches no further than a child's waist. Visitors access Balandra along Highway 11 and drive a short 25 km (12 miles) from central La Paz...

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