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How to Keep Safe From Dengue and Why It's Affecting Los Cabos

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Dengue is a mosquito-borne virus that became a public health concern to residents in Los Cabos, which was hit with 155 reported cases this September, due to the rains and humidity brought forth by tropical storms. Nazario Betancourt, of the local health department emphasized the need to have preventive actions in place to help stop the spread of this disease. City officials have issued small packets of chemicals in the past to sanitize the water containers known as ''tinacos'' as a form of protecting local citizens from the spread of this now internationally known infection. Antibiotics are ineffective against Dengue and currently no medications for the disease are available. Some residents have been hospitalized for the disease, which required intravenous fluids to prevent dehydration which is a major threat of the infection. So if you see any water that is trapped on a “tinaco” or any sort of place where water is stuck for days, please try to empty it or use these packets to sanitize the water, you can find these packets on any health center in Los Cabos. Now don't start to panic, dengue is a serious virus but can be easily treated if you follow the protocols and seek medical attention. Symptoms of the disease are high...

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