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35 species of sharks around Cabo and La Paz but Hammerhead in decline.

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Photo- Mako Shark, Edgar Becerril García,

Boasting up to 35 species of sharks – pilot sharks, whale sharks, angel sharks, sharpnose sharsk, Mako sharks to name but a few  - the Bay of La Paz  is truly recognised as an underwater wonder of the world.


And from the early 80’s to the mid 90’s it was the world’s premier diving destination for schools of hammerhead sharks. Where divers could see schools of up to 500 hammerheads at a time.


Sadly this is no longer the case. Nowadays divers usually spot no more than 2 or 3 at a time. Or very occasionally small schools of up to only 30 hammerheads.


Marine Biologist, Edgar Becerril García, warns that the situation is serious and most likely due to overfishing by panga -gill netters and panga long-liners. Of course fisherman have permits to fish with these nets. But they don’t have permits to fish for the baby hammerhead sharks that get caught in them.


Add to this the fact that hammerheads, despite being an internationally protected species, don’t have any special protection in Mexico. Hence the huge decline in stocks. Becerril García believes it is not too late to reverse this decline but the clock is ticking. 

“There are only a few known places in the world that can lay claim to having a hammerhead shark nursery in their back yard. La Paz is one of them. With very simple fisheries and tourist management, La Paz can reclaim the sustainable economic value that comes with the nearly magical attraction of diving with these magnificent and unique sharks.”


Let’s not forget that Mexico has already proven itself a world leader in recognizing its valuable environmental resources, moving swiftly to protect and restore them. Just one example is the incredible success of nearby juvenile gray whale nursery at El Vizcaino, BCS.


It is in Mexico’s interest to protect the nursing grounds of El Bajo and encourage the repopulation of the very animals that first made La Paz famous in the world's diving community back in the 1970’s.

Giant Hammerhead Shark

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