The North Eastern Pacific is the second most active hurricane basin in the world 

  1. In an average year it has 15 –16 tropical storms

9 turning into hurricanes 

5 into major hurricanes (Category 3 or greater)

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Downpour in Cabo

Date: 8/21/2017

Weekend deluge in Cabo turned streets into rivers, and disrupted traffic...

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Storm now expected in Cabo early Thursday morning

Date Published:

Tropical storm 14e  - just renamed Tropical Storm Lidia – will hit Cabo early Thursday morning...

Still no rain. But apparently it’s on the way. And most likely to strike Cabo in the early hours of Thursday  morning. 

The area of low pressure – Tropical storm 14e,– which formed in the Pacific on Tuesday morning, has officially been named as Tropical Storm Lydia. 

Right now, it is located less than 470km south-southeast of Cabo. By this evening it will be approximately 355 km southeast of Cabo San Lucas. And by Thursday morning it will be even closer – 205km. 

Storm Lidia will bring intense rain. Probably with sustained winds above 55km/hr.  And waves of 2-3m. 

But remember -forecasts can be wrong. Things could be better than predicted. Or worse. So you need to be well prepared. 

The port closed at noon today, and all fishing and water activities will be suspended until further notice. Schools have also been closed until Monday. 

Shelters are ready. A plan of action is in place for the roads. Clearly, the authorities need to focus on people in the most vulnerable areas. Most tourists, and expats are lucky enough to be in safer areas. Please be sensible. 

We will keep you posted.

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