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Jc Sportfishing Weekly Cabo Fish Report 4/28/16 to 5/2/16

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WEATHER: Windy most of the week, with the port closing for a few days. This doesn’t happen very often as it really needs to be hauling to close the port. Although it has been blowing in the afternoons and evenings and we have had some pretty pleasant nights with a cool breeze. The highs have been close to 100 degrees with lows in the 70’s.

WATER: Still about the same as last week. There is a huge difference in the water temperatures on the East Cape compared to closer to Cabo on the Pacific side where there is like a 10 degree difference in water. East Cape some areas are 76 degrees and here close to Cabo on the Pacific it is 71 degrees and colder in some spots, so quite the contrast and this will affect the fishing in both areas as we will be catching something completely different from them boys on the East Cape.

BILLFISH: It has been a decent week for Striped Marlin and basically all Marlin species here in Los Cabos. Most fish have been caught on live bait, lures or slow trolling small Tuna. It has been an active and productive week for Marlin all week with good numbers of fish being caught and released.

DORADO: Very slow for Dorado over this past week with just a few being boated. Water temperatures this year have been playing a major part in what we have been seeing and it isn’t too much so far. If the USA would stop buying illegal fish caught in Mexico that would help a lot as it is not legal to net Dorado in Mexico because it is a sportfishing and not listed as a commercial species. It seems as long as there are buyers then this will continue to happen and it seems the authorities just look the other way since they are getting their cut.

SWORDFISH: Haven’t heard of any caught this week.

WAHOO: Some pretty nice Wahoo being caught through most of last week.A few being landed down towards Gordo Banks.

TUNA: Last week was really good with some large Tuna being caught and this week has been good also, up and around the doughnut it has been hot using king busters and cedar plugs with some of the bigger fish being landed with live bait and some have been up over the 25 TO 30LBS mark this week.

INSHORE: Amberjacks and even Yellowtail being landed around the Light House in numbers. The pangas have been doing well with Sierras with some nice ones being landed and ranging from 5lb to 10lb. The Grouper and Snapper fishing has been going off up and around the Light House on the pacific.Pangas are having a pretty rough ride this week on the pacific side, but for the hardcore fisherman they love that stuff.

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