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Jc Sportfishing Cabo Fishing Report 06 March 2017

Date Published:

Jc Sportfishing Weekly Fish Report.

As the Admiral Seas It

Fishing Report: 2/27/17 to 3/6/17

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Spring Breakers Starting to Showup!

Marlin Fshing Slow Offshore!

Large School of Sierras at Golden Gate!

Few Tuna Offshore at San Jamie Banks

Big Football Size Tuna a Mile of Arch 25lbs

Our BoB Marlin Lands 3 35lb Tuna on Kite!

Yellowtail at Margarita and Ranch Migrino!

Roosters Slowing Down!

Triggerfish All Over the Place Inshore!

WEATHER: We really can’t ask for any better weather than we had for the last couple weeks. The sun just continues to shine about every day. We have had a couple overcast days but nothing major. Highs around the mid to ladder 80’s and lows in the mid to lower 60’s. Everyone knows why so many people do come to Cabo and it’s the near perfect weather year round. We do get some hotter months in July, August and September but during those months, all the fishing and water sports here, are really good.


WATER: Well, quite the contrast of water temperatures from the Pacific side to up inside the Sea of Cortez. I was looking at the Temp Break map and it shows lots of really cool water on Pacific, from entrance at Cabo harbor, south east towards Gordo Banks, its all really warm water. From 69 in some areas on Pacific to 72 on the other side of Gordo Banks. I think we know where e will be finding the fish over the next week. This link which will show you water temperatures for the southern half of Baja.


BILLFISH: Striped Marlin fishing has been pretty slow this past week and most fish being landed on ballyhoo along with pitching live bait, with a few on lures. Striped Marlin hasn’t been good all week, on either the Pacific side or the Sea of Cortez. Pretty much over the last 2 weeks we haven’t had that much Marlin activity.


DORADO: Pretty slow for Dorado over the last week I haven’t heard of to much at all.

Some interesting facts on Dorado:

1. Turquoise, green, and yellow patterns; can be distinguished from the pompano dolphin by its 55 to 66 dorsal fin rays and a very wide, square tooth patch on the tongue.

2. The largest dolphin fish length reported is almost 7 feet (2.1 m); the maximum weight reported is 88 pounds (40 kg).

3. Growth is extremely rapid. Specific rates vary among regions and are sensitive to water temperatures.

4. Oceanic pelagic fish; generally restricted to waters warmer than 68 degrees Fahrenheit (20º C)

5. Life span: Short, maximum is 5 years; males live longer than females.

6. Dolphin fish reach maturity at 4 to 5 months.

WAHOO: None being caught that I have heard of lately

TUNA: Some Tuna around, our boats have been boating a few of them with live bait, chunking with squid and kingbusters. There hasn’t been any Porpoise running with the fish so we had to look for them with electronics we have on our own Bob Marlin and this paid off big time. We had managed to just spot a few birds circling and we went in that direction and was able to pick up a school via electronics and we followed them for awhile and started landing quite a few in the 25lb to 35lbs range about a mile of from the arch.


INSHORE: Really its all about Triggerfish as this has been the inshore story over the past week. Lots of Triggers being landed and there pretty good to eat if you fry them up. Just dip them in flour and fry in olive oil and they come out pretty tasty. Good numbers of Sierra being landed just about every day this past week. From the Pump House down to the Solmar it is pretty much wide open if your using hootchies and striped bait. Quite a few Skip Jacks close to shore also being caught. If you like Sierra its your time right now.

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